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Thank you for your interest in Armitage Oral Surgery. Below are some of the most common questions we are asked. Please click on the questions below to display the answers. Do not hesitate to call or email us with any other questions!

Why is Armitage Oral Surgery the right office for my surgical procedure?

Simply put, our doctors and staff members believe in providing services that are professional, personalized, and held to the highest standards possible. Our qualifications are nothing to sneeze at as well – Dr. Firas Katabi gives every patient his full effort, and that dedication shows in his Diplomate and Fellow statuses from several boards, including the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, the National Dental Board of Anesthesiology, The American Board of Oral Implantology / Implant Dentistry, and more. We look forward to improving your oral health, your bright smile, and your overall quality of life here in the greater Chicago area.

How do I know if my wisdom teeth are impacted? What symptoms should I be looking for?


Patients who are struggling with impacted wisdom teeth typically experience significant pain in their gums, added difficulty with opening their mouth, an irregular bad taste in the mouth, overly inflamed gum tissue, and excessive crowding and decay involving nearby teeth.

Why should an oral surgeon handle my dental implant placement instead of a general dentist?


While many general dentists have undergone the appropriate amount of training to place dental implants, accomplished oral surgeons like Dr. Katabi has an exceptional amount of experience and knowledge in this field, and their dedicated focus on surgical services instead of a wide breadth of different treatment options allows them to provide even more precise, predictable, and successful results for simple and complex cases alike. We have worked hard to build an incredible referral network with general doctors all over the Chicago area for dental implant procedures, each practice handling the portion of the procedure they know best and benefitting the patient in turn. You deserve the highest caliber of care possible!

Do I need to have my tooth extracted?


No patient feels enthusiastic about the possibility of having one or more tooth removed through extraction, but it can be a necessary procedure that provides much-needed relief to your oral health and wellbeing. Our Chicago oral surgeons have personally handled countless extraction procedures over the course of their careers, and they (or your general dentist) will typically recommend this service in the following situations:

  • You are suffering from advanced periodontal disease or severe tooth decay.
  • You have experienced a traumatic injury that has resulted in one or more fractured teeth that cannot be successfully replanted.
  • One or more teeth need to be removed to allow for adequate orthodontic correction to take place.

Extraction is also often necessary when patients are experiencing overcrowded/impacted third molars (“wisdom teeth”). Please visit our wisdom teeth page to learn more about this vital service.

Is it true that an oral surgeon can provide assistance with orthodontic correction?


Yes! Surgically accelerated osteogenic orthodontics (also known as “Wilcodontics”) could be the perfect treatment solution for patients who want to achieve a straighter smile at an accelerated rate.

How will I be kept comfortable during my procedure?


At Armitage Oral Surgery, helping patients feel relaxed and safe during their procedures is of the utmost importance to us. Dr. Katabi is certified by the National Dental Board of Anesthesiology, and our team will be sure to review our sedation options with you beforehand in great detail so that we can select the one that fits your personal needs and scope of treatment best.

Are there any guidelines I need to follow before or after my surgical procedure? Where can I find these?


Before any surgical procedure, our doctors and staff members will discuss pre-operative and post-operative instructions with you to ensure the smoothest outcome possible. This information is also available here on our website.

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