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Osteogenic Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment is an extensive commitment for patients in search of a straighter, healthier smile. Treatment typically spans from one to three years, requiring involved maintenance and many additional appointments along the way. If this isn’t ideal for your needs, there’s another solution – surgically accelerated osteogenic orthodontics.

Surgically accelerated osteogenic orthodontics, commonly referred to as “Wilckodontics”, involves making enhancements to both the region around the patient’s teeth and the bone where the teeth are situated. This enhancement is used to improve the response to orthodontic treatment and accelerate movement. Bone augmentation is also performed to ensure stable results. Both adolescent patients and adult patients can be treated successfully with this method.

Dr. Firas Katabi offers this transformative care treatment approach at Armitage Oral Surgery, working alongside orthodontists so that patients can enjoy stellar results that exceed their expectations. Now, orthodontic treatment that once required years to be fully successful can be completed in as little as four months.

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