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Full Arch Restoration (All-on-X)

In various circumstances, a patient may find themselves with little to no teeth on the top, bottom, or both areas of their mouth. Although it is normal to feel hopeless in this situation, there are treatment options available for patients who are committed to restoring their smile and oral health. Widely referred to as All-on-X, this treatment offers an alternative to complete dentures when all the teeth in the upper or lower jaw are missing or need to be extracted.

Versatile solutions for complete, beautiful smiles

In addition to representing the most advanced approach for rebuilding smiles, dental implants are also quite versatile. Depending on the unique requirements of every smile, the number and type of strategically placed dental implants and the type of restorations can differ, as represented in the treatment name, “All-on-X”. The number of implants varies and is specific to each patient depending on lifestyle, bone quantity, bone quality, etc.

When restoring the entire arch, we will work closely with your dentist to ensure your treatment is as smooth as possible from start to finish. The surgical phase will take place at Armitage Oral Surgery, which may include dental extractions, bone grafts, computer-guided surgery, and finally, implant placement. A temporary prosthesis will then be placed to allow the implants to integrate for up to 6 months following surgery. The final bridges are placed by the restorative dentist, allowing for full feel and function of natural teeth.

Smile with confidence and ease

At Armitage Oral Surgery, our goal is to help our patients, once again, speak, smile, and chew with confidence and ease. We offer the leading options for full mouth restoration and will discuss the most effective and satisfying solutions to help you reestablish a complete and beautiful smile.

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